About Us

Common Threads

Each Trinity House community may do things a little differently, but you will find that each group will encourage you to participate in:

  • spiritually nurturing those around you
  • activities that promote social justice
  • opportunities to learn about and grow in your faith
  • opening your heart and mind to those different than yourself

What We Believe

We believe all people are made in the image of God and a central part of Christ’s mission is breaking down the barriers that separate human beings from each other.  We affirm the call of all persons to the ministries of the church and work to shape a community that reflects this conviction in our life together. With the earliest of Christians, we continue to believe that our baptism in the faith of Christ is what makes this kind of vibrant community possible.

More to come in this section….

Why the name “Trinity House”?

Trinity – The Trinity is a concept that is impossible for any human being to fully understand, let alone explain. God is infinitely greater than we are; therefore, we should not expect to be able to fully understand Him. The Bible teaches that the Father is God, that Jesus is God, and that the Holy Spirit is God. The Bible also teaches that there is only one God. Though we can understand some facts about the relationship of the different Persons of the Trinity to one another, ultimately, it is incomprehensible to the human mind.

The concept that believers may all be one, just as God is in Jesus, Jesus is in God, and Jesus’ followers may be in the Divine is just as difficult to comprehend.  And yet, that is exactly what Jesus prays for.  This is the full expression of God’s Kingdom on Earth.

House – Because we are not a church, we meet in homes. Much like first-century followers of Jesus, we break bread together and share in organic community with one another.